Urban metabolism in policy and practice

A global discussion

Funding from the Urban Studies Foundation has made it possible to host this seminar series, and furthermore provide financial assistance to participants who are unable to cover their travel expenses. Bursaries are available for travel expenses to attend the Cape Town and Beijing seminars.

Bursaries will be awarded based on the relevance of the participant's work or research to the seminar. The stipends can cover national or regional travel, but overseas participants are encouraged to find other means or attend a local edition of this event instead. The stipends can be used to cover flights or other transport (low-carbon travel is highly encouraged), and accommodation.

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis, up until April 20, 2019 (Cape Town) / June 20, 2019 (Beijing) or until all available bursaries are awarded.

Bursary application form (Cape Town)

Bursary application form (Beijing)

This seminar series is supported by a Seminar Series Award from the Urban Studies Foundation.